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Give you charming lip and make you radiant 

    • MEBO Lip Gloss, which is special developed for tender skin, provides lips with rich regeneration nutrient essence, makes your lip delicate and feels like newborn; simultaneously, solves the problem of dry lips, reduces lip lines and makes lips glossy. Long term use can rejuvenate your lip and make your lip more charming.
    • Abundant nutrient factors, significant effect of newborn
    • Excellent water resistance, skin adaptability and adhesiveness
    • Moisturize your lips and reduce lip lines, present you with activity and brightness
    • Moisturize your lip, present moist skin, and present you with activity

Bright and white, feels like newborn nourishing and moisturizing, less glossiness smooth, glossy, soft, reduce lip lines, obvious lip lines, less lip lines and looks tender, brighten up color of lips, pigmentation tender and delicate 

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The only lip care product of labial mucosa regeneration 

Inspire the potential of lip regeneration

Present you with baby lip 

Skin regeneration based on high technology 

    • Regenerative principle
    • Mechanism of cells→waken the regeneration nutrient substances in potential regeneration cells→through free fatty acids pathway→access to potential regeneration cells→access to mitochondria of cells and burn→produce ATP and release regeneration factors→waken the potential regeneration cells and make the cells work as stem cells→achieve the goal of newborn
    • Regeneration substances access to mitochondria and burn.
    • After “chewing up” regeneration substances, mitochondria in cells would have an active metabolism.

After “chewing up” regeneration substances, endoplasmic reticulum in cells would have an active metabolism.

After “chewing up” regeneration substances, the cells are in a state of exuberant proliferation and division.

Give you charming lip and make you radiant 

Mei Bao Lip Gloss vs. common lip gloss
Mei Bao: rejuvenate lips by patent technology of regeneration

Common: fail to regenerate the lip cells

Mei Bao: moisturize the skin deeply with the application of ISO-osmotic technique

Normal: poor moisturizing effect, damage the lip cell for long time use

Mei Bao: smooth, elegant and radiant

Normal: aggravate lip wrinkles, feel dry after use

Mei Bao: free from flavor, antiseptic, chemical dyes and alcohol, safe and sweet

Normal: contain harmful ingredients such as chemical dyes

The only lip gloss that can regenerate cells 

Skin regeneration technology that adopted by MEBO Lip Gloss receives the praise from US ex-president and US president, approved by more than 76 countries and awarded 43 patent certificates at home and abroad. The exclusive regeneration nutrient substances activate potential regeneration cells and make them regenerate new cells to substitute aged cells, realizing the goal of lip cell regeneration and giving you sweet baby lip.

Apply proper amount of this product to the lips gently and evenly, use it when you go out, after dinner or when you feel dry. It can be used before applying makeup to prevent lips from being damaged by the lipstick; or apply this product to your lip after using lipstick and make your lip more luscious.

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